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Monday, 2 March 2015

vCenter service has gone down - vCenter not accessible on the appliance - What could have gone wrong?

We had a problem where the vCenter environment had gone down.  All the hosts were okay and we weren't getting any scary reports about VMs going down left right and centre so it sounded like just vCenter had gone awry.

Our vCenter is running on the appliance so we connected via a web client on port 5480.  And as you can see, on the screen grab below, the database was running at 100%.  Now, we have about 220 VMs and 7 hosts but we had allocated 100GB to the database volume on the appliance which according to VMware sizing was more than enough.

So what is causing the problem?  Well - I don't know how the setting crept in as the default is to keep tasks and event information for 180 days but the task cleanup and event cleanup boxes were unticked.  This suggests that the tasks and events would build indefinitely!

So on the web client, properties of your vcenter and you can find the tick boxes below.

And like wise, if still using the Windows client, just go to the vCenter properties and alter the Database Retention Policy on there

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