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Friday, 17 June 2016

Problems with snapshots and backups - Upgrade your VMware tools - a new patch out from VMware

We have had a problem for sometime in Dinerth IT towers where snapshots within our vSphere environment have almost been a nightmare.  And just to confuse matters, if we ran the backups during the day (affecting IO performance) they usually, not always, worked.  This meant that the underpinning technology was not at fault.

We logged calls with VMware and their only solution was to uninstall VMware tools.  Reboot the VM.  Re-install Vmware tools, reboot.  As all good VMware customer setups use VMXnet3 network cards and paravirtualised vSCSI adapters that means you have to setup IP addresses and possible reconfigure virtual disks.  So, we did it on a few in desperation, still no changes and fed it abck to VMware.

At long last a solution has come out.  VMware tools 10.0.9.  Here is a link to the release notes:-

Here is a screen grab of the main thing that interests us.

I am annoyed that this fix has taken such a long time to come out from VMware, not forgetting that VMware is a premium product and they have real competitors now.  They should do better.

Nonetheless - it was worked and the mass update of VMware tools to multiple VMs appears to have worked.  Download Vmware tools 10.0.9 from here.

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