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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Share preset buttons on a Ricoh Universal Printer driver that client computers will pick up

When you are configuring the Ricoh printer driver, trying to get the presets you may want to deploy out to users is not straight forward.   Unless you know where to look.... 

Go to the printer properties of the printer object and click on the Advanced Options tab (red arrow).  If it is greyed out, go to the General Tab, and press Change Properties as this will require you to elevate to admin privileges.  Once you do this you should be able to go click on Advanced Options.

Now we can see that the Manage button is no longer greyed out.

Click Manage and you will now be able to see the presets you have created.  I'm trying to encourage our users to use booklet by default for casual printing as it reduces print costs in half.  Half the paper and half the imprint costs.

If you highlight the One Click Preset you want to make available and click the Share button on the right hand side.  You will see the preset that I have made available changes from a single person to two people.

Click OK to confirm.

Your users when they go to print will now have to easy preset buttons to use.  Note the double people icon too.


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