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About Me

I'm called Scott and I've worked in IT since 1996 and now look after the private cloud servers (remember when they were just called virtual servers....) for a large organisation with over 4,500 employees.

I work with Vmware, Hyper-V and Windows servers as my primary technologies and then all the secondary stuff that makes the primary stuff work like SANs, fibre networks, IIS websites, FTP, SFTP etc.  

Get in contact if you want some help!

I have a VCP-DCV but have had a VCP since VMware 3.02 through to 4 and 5 and now 5.5.  I upgraded them each time myself and it's because of the stability of VMware that generally things haven't gone too wrong.  

I don't profess to know everything - far from it - but I share things that I've found handy from my own searches around on the internet and what I have found that works in the real world.

Get in contact if you want info or questions.

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This blog will have musings on Windows, VMware vSphere, Hitachi SANs, Cisco fibre switches, VMware SRM, backups, restores, DFS-R and other stuff that may or may not come along during the day.

I live in a house in north Wales so we have fantastic countryside of mountains, lakes, rivers and seaside all super close.  Which is good because I get to enjoy the fantastic outdoors with my wife and daughters and we like walks along a promenade with the buggy and an ice cream... :)


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