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Recommendations and references

Recommendation from Rob Ansell - ex-colleague - February 2016

I worked alongside Scott for over ten years and during this time I found him to be a very professional, conscientious and honest individual. He always brought fresh ideas to the table which were inspirational and technically sound.

I found myself very reliant on Scott for his knowledge of VMWare and his ability to respond promptly and effectively to any request. Scott is more than willing to go 'that extra mile' even at cost to himself to ensure the project succeeded.

Scott is always approachable, he offers advice based on his vast experience and backs it up with evidence.

I would recommend Scott in a heartbeat because I know that he will always complete a task and complete it well! He doesn't shy away from responsibility, he steps up to it which is very refreshing in today’s society.

Rob Ansell
former Principal Communications Analyst at Conwy County Borough Council

Reference from Loyalty Logistix Sept/Oct 2015

To Whom it may concern,

Between September and October 2015 Scott Andrews provided consultancy relating, primarily, to the VMware infrastructure at Loyalty Logistix.

During these visits, he quickly grasped our network architecture, whilst demonstrating a detailed understanding of VMware principles and configuration options, together with supporting network administration concepts.

He then identified a number of opportunities for optimising our setup and was always able to back up his recommendations with evidence from his own experience.

He was equally willing either to take a hands-on approach and make configuration changes himself, or to provide informal training and guidance whilst the changes were made.

At all times I found him to be highly professional, thorough and conscientious and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to you.

Andy Dobbie
Internal Systems Manager
Loyalty Logistix


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    1. Thanks Rob - I appreciate your kind words. I've deleted the comment and placed it onto the actual recommendations page.

      Thanks again.

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